Real estate registration system

Real estate registration system This system is the essence of the process of transfer of ownership of real estate from the seller to the buyer directly, by recording this process (the process of sale and purchase) in the relevant department (Real Estate Registration Department) without mediation agents or brokers after the completion of the legal aspects of this process, Directly ... Read More »

Purposes for the purchase or lease of real estate

Purposes for the purchase or lease of real estate: 1 – Residential. Economic. Religious. 4- Education. Social. Health. Recreational. 8- Other. The residential purpose calls upon the buyer or the prospective lessor to search and compare for a relatively long period, before making a decision to purchase or lease, especially when the suitable alternatives are available, taking into account the ... Read More »

Promotion of real estate product

Promotion of real estate product: – Promotion is generally defined as: “One of the elements of a marketing mix that is designed to inform, convince and sustain current and prospective consumers Another writer defines it as “news and persuasion of consumer groups in the target markets to buy products or brands that are promoted and that are consistent with the ... Read More »

The importance of the product to the consumer

The real estate product is not just a residential or industrial or commercial building or residential house or a shop or industrial or other place, but also includes location (location) interior and exterior design, proximity to the market, the availability of basic services in place of existence such as paved streets, Water, electricity, telephone lines, police stations and others. Therefore, ... Read More »

Real Estate Marketing Mix

high costs of promoting real estate, because of the heterogeneity of real estate, which makes the need to design an advertising or promotional message for each property almost individually, to show the characteristics and price and location and other data that is supposed to be borne by the message advertising or promotional, and the need for selling efforts Increasingly¬† makes ... Read More »

The motives of buying tend to mental nature

  Properties are characterized by a set of characteristics and attributes can be summarized as follows: 1 – Scarcity: – Properties of all kinds are characterized by scarcity, that is, the lack of supply on demand. The areas and buildings allocated to meet the needs of the population for various purposes are not compatible with the needs of the growing ... Read More »