Loans and Marketing

Real estate registration system

Real estate registration system This system is the essence of the process of transfer of ownership of real estate from the seller to the buyer directly, by recording this process (the process of sale and purchase) in the relevant department (Real Estate Registration Department) without mediation agents or brokers after the completion of the legal aspects of this process, Directly ... Read More »

The components of the real estate marketing mix

The components of the real estate marketing mix cannot be separated from each other, but are linked to each other, as we have observed when talking about one of these elements, we must talk about all other elements or some. The decision to purchase or rent must be taken in light of the study of all these elements, and know ... Read More »

Real Estate Marketing Goals

Real Estate Marketing Goals:   Real Estate Marketing. 1 – Try to find a clear definition or concept of real estate marketing. 2- To clarify the characteristics of the real estate product and its characteristic characteristics. 3 – The elements of the real estate marketing mix. 4- Define the most important elements of his marketing system. 5- Contributing to enriching ... Read More »