The importance of the product to the consumer

The real estate product is not just a residential or industrial or commercial building or residential house or a shop or industrial or other place, but also includes location (location) interior and exterior design, proximity to the market, the availability of basic services in place of existence such as paved streets, Water, electricity, telephone lines, police stations and others.

Therefore, the companies that work in the field of real estate production and marketing should take into account the needs and desires of the population when choosing the locations of buildings, buildings, houses, shops, industrial and other, in terms of size, design and location, and provide the necessary services. For example, the state or companies to lay the main roads and subsidiary , Sewerage, provision of electricity, extension of telephone lines, provision of potable water and others before allocating properties of various types and forms, and offering them for sale.

Second: Pricing of products: – The price reflects the amount that can be paid by the individual to obtain a good or service and also indicates the importance and value of that commodity or service for him. The price is therefore an important indicator of the value of goods and services

the sum of all the values ​​(money) that the consumer replaces for interest, possession or use of the product or service.” In this sense, the price is only the expression of many things, including:

1- The importance of the product to the consumer.

2 – the amount of benefit obtained by the consumer.

  1. Product quality.
  2. Product characteristics compared to other products.
  3. Reputation and reputation of the plant (the producing company).
  4. Cost of production, promotion and distribution.

7- The intellectual status of the producer and the producing company.

  1. The consumer’s need for the product and the urgency of that need.

As for the price policy of real estate products, it depends on a set of factors interrelated and interrelated factors, the most important of which are the following:

1- Location of the property.

2- Property type.

  1. Competition.
  2. The living standards of citizens.

5 – the need and urgency.

  1. Cost.

7- The level of profits desired by sellers.

  1. Goals.
  2. Laws and regulations.

These factors and other factors affect the decisions of the buyer. The location of the property in relation to the city center and its proximity to it on the one hand and its occurrence on one of the commercial streets, industrial complexes or narrow secondary streets on the other hand has a clear effect on the price of the property, The availability of real estate in quantities, types and specifications that meet the needs of the market and in line with the wishes of the citizens, their level of living and their financial and purchasing capabilities, in addition to the cost of production elements for real estate from raw materials Infrastructure, construction and real estate construction. The objectives of sellers and buyers, as one of the important factors in determining the prices of properties for sale or lease, may be the target of a collective, economic or political, supported by some regulations and laws set by the state to determine the prices of various properties for various purposes.

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