Promotion of real estate product

Promotion of real estate product: –

Promotion is generally defined as: “One of the elements of a marketing mix that is designed to inform, convince and sustain current and prospective consumers

Another writer defines it as “news and persuasion of consumer groups in the target markets to buy products or brands that are promoted and that are consistent with the benefits and benefits they can play with their tastes and purchasing potential.”


As others have known: “The process of direct or indirect contact with the consumer to acquaint him with the product of the organization and to try to convince him that he meets his needs and desires and protect him from exploitation.


The concept of real estate promotion does not go far from these definitions, as it aims to: Define the target buyer of the product (product) and convince him that he agrees with his needs and desires and financial capabilities, and urge him and the seller to complete the purchase or sale deal through the use of a promotional mix consists of the following elements: )

1- Declaration.

2- Personal sale.

  1. Propaganda.
  2. Publishing and public relations.

5- Other.

The following is a simplified explanation of each of these elements:

Advertising: The advertisement is used to inform potential consumers about the whereabouts of the products, their quality, prices, facilities and services accompanying them, the advantages of other competing products, the best way to use them and how to obtain the greatest satisfaction for their diverse needs. (Researcher)

The Declaration is: “various aspects of activity that lead to the delivery of data and information relating to a good, service or idea to a group of individuals” (Age: 2003). As Kotler defines it as: “Any form of promotion and provision of non-personal information of ideas, goods and services by the information side in exchange for a paid fee.

(Kotler: 2000). It is thus clear that the main objective of the declaration is to deliver information from the producer or advertiser to the intended consumer and to influence his purchasing behavior in a positive manner and to convince him that satisfying his needs is by buying the advertiser’s products. .

The real estate is a commodity that has a specificity that does not differ significantly from other commodities in its need to advertise the kinds of properties offered, their specifications, prices, spatial characteristics, etc. The various images of these properties can be highlighted using colors, moving images, visual representations and other means of persuasion and various suspense to influence the decisions of the potential buyer. However, the declaration alone is insufficient to convince the buyer or lessor to make the purchase or lease decision unless it supports the personal selling efforts of the specialized brokers, the field inspection of the real estate site and comparison with the other properties offered for sale or leasing on the same site or in other similar or similar locations, Price, characteristics, specifications, location, buyer’s financial ability and psychological readiness to purchase, urgency and importance, and the availability of alternatives capable of satisfying this need.

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