Personal selling plays a special role in promoting the real estate product

Personal selling: – Personal selling plays a special role in promoting the real estate product, because of this product of privacy, as it represents a long-term investment, high price, mental drives occupy a large area in influencing purchasing decisions, in addition to reference groups such as family, friends and relatives. Here comes the role of intermediaries in raising the mental motives of the buyer or lessor, and use it to put indirect pressure on him, by showing the advantages of real estate offered, and superior to other competing properties in terms of location, price, specifications, scarcity supply, frequent demand,

Propaganda: Advertising is used intentionally or unintentionally to create an encouraging environment for increasing the demand for real estate goods in many cases, and may be used in the opposite way, to reduce or stop the demand for this or that type of real estate goods. For example, there is widespread propaganda that the state will refrain from allocating land for the purpose of horizontal housing and deliberately build vertical housing. This will increase the demand for vacant residential land distributed by the state in previous times and the built-up housing units, which are relatively expensive. There may be other propaganda, with the intention of the state to build

complexes for commercial or industrial markets, which may negatively affect the demand for this type of real estate, unlike the case when spreading propaganda with the intention of the state or the private sector not to invest in the construction of industrial parks or commercial, Familiar in commodity markets
Real Estate and others. But the lies of these advertisements are soon revealed, inaccurate or correct.
Publishing and Public Relations: – Non-personal means of publication such as banners, wall posters and publications are often used to inform prospective buyers and renters about the presentation of certain types of real estate such as housing, commercial and industrial premises, buildings and others for sale or rent, location of these properties, prices and specifications, Represented by brokers and others.

As for public relations, it means that some organizations contact various media, such as local radio and television stations, satellite channels, newspapers of all types and magazines, to publish some investigations of properties for sale or rent, such as houses, buildings, apartments or shops. From location services, low prices and so on, which leads potential buyers and lessors to make a purchase or rent decision.

Fourth: Place

The location or location of the property plays a very important role in increasing the demand for real estate on the one hand, and in determining its price on the other hand, whether the property is commercial, industrial or residential, the buyer views the location of the property as a strategic view, and attaches great importance to the present and future. The existence of a commercial property in a commercial area or in the main cities or main commercial streets gives it an advantage over the rest of the properties located in other places in terms of its profitability of generating profits and increasing the demand for it by trade operators. This is said about the presence of industrial real estate in the complexes And industrial areas, as it is of particular importance to the industrial professions, as well as for properties designed for the provision of various services, such as health, education, entertainment, religious, transport, storage and others. The same applies to residential real estate, where the presence of such properties in areas or neighborhoods that have the necessary services such as paved streets

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