Purposes for the purchase or lease of real estate

Purposes for the purchase or lease of real estate:

1 – Residential.

  1. Economic.
  2. Religious.

4- Education.

  1. Social.
  2. Health.
  3. Recreational.

8- Other.

The residential purpose calls upon the buyer or the prospective lessor to search and compare for a relatively long period, before making a decision to purchase or lease, especially when the suitable alternatives are available, taking into account the location, prices, availability of appropriate services, distance from noise, traffic congestion, , Sources of environmental pollution, and so on.

As for economic purposes: it calls the buyer or lessor to choose the property that is expected to generate the best or more profits, choose the best commercial or industrial sites, depending on the type of economic activity that he wants to practice, if he wishes to establish an industrial company, Large cities), it is preferred to go to the outskirts of cities, where low land prices, cheap rents, and wide spaces, provide parking lots, ease of transport, lack of traffic, low costs

If the buyer or landlord is interested in small or medium-sized shops, he may find himself in the main markets of the cities, commercial streets, commercial and industrial complexes, or those distributed in the residential neighborhoods spread throughout the country. Here, the expectations of buyers or lessors play a role in obtaining profits, the decisive and influential role in deciding to buy or rent.

The choice of the sites of religious houses is subject to the donations of the benefactors of the city or the residential neighborhoods and the need of the population for this or that type of property. The state may intervene sometimes to choose the sites of this kind of properties and construct them according to a specific plan set by the institutions Religious diversity.

As for the official educational properties, the state determines its location in the cities and neighborhoods since its planning or demarcation. The real estate allocated to private education may be built or leased according to certain considerations, the most important of which are: – Prices of real estate available for sale or leasing, Or locations nearby, the possibilities of demand in the chosen location, ease of transportation, availability of services, ease of access to property, and so on.

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