The components of the real estate marketing mix

The components of the real estate marketing mix cannot be separated from each other, but are linked to each other, as we have observed when talking about one of these elements, we must talk about all other elements or some. The decision to purchase or rent must be taken in light of the study of all these elements, and know their effect together as a package. One, as with all other non-real estate products.

Sixth: Environment

The marketing environment is of great importance in light of the rapid changes and conditions witnessed by our contemporary world in various political, economic, social, cultural and other fields. This has a great impact on the elements of the other marketing mix such as price, promotion, distribution and product policies which must adapt to these changes. Offering opportunities and obstacles and difficulties for marketing men. “The environment is the source of opportunities for the organization to achieve its successes, and at the same time it is the source of the threat it is facing, which may lead to failure,” analysis said. Efficiency of marketing management through its various activities to provide and meet the needs and desires of customers

The real estate product is subject to the influence of environmental changes as well as other marketing products, since the political conditions that the country draws from internal or external political conflicts, stability or otherwise, directly or indirectly affect the movement of demand for real estate products and their prices and the promotional mix to her .

In the case of political stability, the citizen enjoys reassurance and is motivated to invest in real estate products and tries to satisfy his needs of this product, in contrast to the situation if the political instability worsened and the external or internal threat, the potential consumer tends to retain its monetary ability and not to act until the situation is evacuated.

As for the economic conditions, they also directly affect the demand for real estate products in the four stages of the economic cycle or the so-called business cycle (Bakri: 2011). In the recovery and prosperity phases, the demand for these and other products increases. In the recession and recession phases, demand is reduced in line with “growth in per capita or household income and an increase in the purchasing power of individuals.

The social conditions and factors related to customs, traditions and social values ​​prevailing in society, such as keeping the family together in one house even after the marriage of the children (values ​​of the large families)

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