Real Estate Marketing Mix

high costs of promoting real estate, because of the heterogeneity of real estate, which makes the need to design an advertising or promotional message for each property almost individually, to show the characteristics and price and location and other data that is supposed to be borne by the message advertising or promotional, and the need for selling efforts Increasingly¬† makes ... Read More »

The motives of buying tend to mental nature

  Properties are characterized by a set of characteristics and attributes can be summarized as follows: 1 – Scarcity: – Properties of all kinds are characterized by scarcity, that is, the lack of supply on demand. The areas and buildings allocated to meet the needs of the population for various purposes are not compatible with the needs of the growing ... Read More »

Real Estate Marketing Goals

Real Estate Marketing Goals:   Real Estate Marketing. 1 – Try to find a clear definition or concept of real estate marketing. 2- To clarify the characteristics of the real estate product and its characteristic characteristics. 3 – The elements of the real estate marketing mix. 4- Define the most important elements of his marketing system. 5- Contributing to enriching ... Read More »

The real estate marketing

The real estate marketing is one of the activities and areas of modern marketing knowledge, in which the literature is not available in Arabic enough to mature its concepts and characteristics in such a way that its employees (brokers, sellers and buyers) can understand its specificity and characterize this activity as It deals with a product of a special nature, ... Read More »

High competition between companies

There is a stronger parallel movement driven by increased investment in order to support the volume of investment stock of machinery and productive assets. Companies resort to the provisions that were previously deducted from profits to increase their expansion, and resort to the financial markets to raise new shares, thus stimulating individuals to save and invest in them. As a ... Read More »

Investment and economic fluctuations

Investment and economic fluctuations The increase in investment spending by certain percentages (or decreases) leads to increases in national income (or decreases) in larger proportions according to the effects of the “investment multiplier” and the movement is growing as a result of the relationship between the accelerator and the multiplier. However, there are general fluctuations in the economic movement due ... Read More »